Excellence In Quality Management

Quality assured to ISO 9001:2015. Greengate Metal Components Ltd is committed to providing excellence in quality management and the highest level of customer service. Indeed in 2018 Greengate Metal Components was awarded best in practice for its quality management system by NQA.

In Process Inspection: is a core part of component manufacturing. Every engineer takes responsibility for the inspection of every item they produce, so that subsequent operational areas are confident that the item meets specification. Training is provided and more importantly validated to ensure that each engineer is capable of demonstrating the necessary understanding of the process they are inspecting.

Final Inspection: Sample inspection is undertaken at the end of the manufacturing process to verify that the quality of the final component has been manufactured to the customers’ specification and requirement.

First Article Inspection: Where applicable a first article inspection report (FAIR report) is carried out on each new item to validate the manufacturing process and to ensure that all features have been included and meet specification.

Traceability: also forms part of our management system, allowing full traceability through the manufacturing process and our supply chain. Certificates of conformity and mill certification is available upon request.

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