CNC & Sheet Metal Punching

CNC metal punching is a key process in sheet metal manufacturing and fabrication. GMC has invested significantly in CNC punch presses alongside the latest software to ensure we are at the cutting edge of sheet metal punching services.

CNC & Sheet Metal Punching

Our CNC Metal Punching Services

Greengate Metal Components is experienced in punching metal components from various materials including; mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zintec, copper and brass. Our investment in the latest metal punching technology and machinery alongside our wealth of expertise ensures that Greengate Metal Components can create complex components more efficiently and at a higher quality than the competition. This offer of efficiency, quality and value for money is assured by our highly experienced team and the proficient use of AMADA CNC punching machines.

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) punching plays an important role in sheet metal manufacturing and fabrication. CNC punch presses can deliver a potentially quicker and more economical component, dependant on its intricacy and purpose. Simple profiles and large volumes are ideally suited to punching.

The ability to produce components at a high speed and with a high accuracy (±0.125mm) enables Greengate Metal Components to offer high quality components at a competitive price.

Why Choose Greengate Metal Components?

The AMADA punch press machines are capable of producing a large variety of shapes, from simple circles or rectangles to overlapping geometrical 3D designs that can allow for increased flexibility in the fabrication of punched sheet metal components.

Greengate Metal Components integrates CAD and RADAN software with the CNC machinery, calculating the most efficient process and component nesting. This allows GMC to have maximum material utilisation, minimises material wastage and provides a quicker turn around of punched sheet metal products.

CNC controlled punch and laser combination machines are capable of even more, allowing for both processes without the need for extra tool changes or increased set up costs. The AMADA metal punch machines can also perform simple forming and tapping operations to be carried out during the same cycle.

AMADA MP automated material handling machines feed our CNC and combination machines generating further efficiency, quality and capacity at Greengate Metal Components. Automated handling systems; reduce down time between jobs, minimise manual handling, allow for job scheduling, provide automatic material checks and allow for a ‘lights out’ production capability.

Our Capabilities

Punching Services We Offer

  • CNC Punching
  • CNC Punch and Laser Combination

Metal Thickness

  • Mild Steel: 0.5mm-3mm
  • Stainless Steel: 0.5mm-3mm
  • Aluminium: 0.5mm-3mm
  • Brass: 0.5mm-3mm
  • Copper: 0.5mm-3mm
  • Zintec/ Galvanized Steel: 0.5-3mm
  • Coated Sheets: 0.5-3mm

Sheet Sizes

  • Up to 3000 x 1500mm

Our Machinery



The EM-MII range features an unrivalled 30 ton dual servo electric motor metal punching system and AMADA’s industry leading tool turret which is available in two different configurations (Z and K versions). These features provide quicker, superior quality processing. The optional tool identification systems and dedicated tapping units reduce setup times and allow for even more process integration for higher efficiency.