Company History

Company History

  • 1958

    Where it all started

    William Walsh & Co Ltd was established by William John Walsh in 1958. William bought a piggery on Moston Lane in Middleton Junction, which he converted into a small workshop. His first equipment was second hand and fire damaged. He renovated the equipment himself and began to provide high quality sheet metal work to a variety of industries in the area.

  • 1963

    Factory Expansion

    A factory extension of 1000 square foot was built followed two years later by another 1500 square foot unit. By focusing on its customer base, William Walsh & Co Ltd had built a good reputation with various Blue Chip companies of the era, such as Stotts of Oldham, Decca, GEC and Ferranti.

  • 1975

    Industrial estate and purpose built factory

    In 1975 William Walsh & Co Ltd developed its own small industrial estate with its own purpose built factory. The factory was located on Greengate consisting of a 25,000 square foot workshop and offices. William Walsh & Co Ltd had high demand building cubicles and control panels for the power generation and electrical industries.

  • 1979

    Formation of Greengate

    In 1979 Greengate Metal Components was formed as a sister company to William Walsh & Co Ltd. Rapid developments in the computer and electronics market saw the need for a different type of capacity. High volume, tight tolerance and fast turnaround led to a significant change in traditional sheetmetal work methods.

  • 1980

    CNC Punching

    Greengate Metal Components invested in its first CNC controlled punching machine, shortly followed by CNC press breaks. The forefront of technology. Equipment that revolutionised the industry and brought immense benefits to its customers.

  • 1992

    Achieving BS 5750

    Greengate Metal Components became one of the first companies in the sheetmetal sector to achieve registration to the BS 5750 quality management system. Quality being the core focus of the business to this day.

  • 2006

    Merger of Greengate Metal Components & William Walsh

    A major restructure and stream lining of both businesses saw Greengate Metal Components and William Walsh & Co Ltd merge together as Greengate Metal Components. A major investment took place in the form of new offices, an extension and a full refurbishment of the main factory. The opportunity was also taken to re-equip the factory with the latest technology available.

  • 2018

    Approved for ISO 9001:2015

    ISO 9001:2015. In 2018 Greengate Metal Components Quality Management System was approved by NQA with ‘best practice’ identified.