ISO Best Practice


ISO Best Practice

Greengate Metal Components Has Achieved ‘Best Practice in Operational Processes’, As the Company Transitions to NQA ISO9001:2015.

As one of the UK’s leading companies in high quality, high volume precision sheet metal work, Greengate Metal Components understands the importance of operating under a rigorous and effective quality management system.

In July 2018 Greengate Metal Components finished its transition from the previous quality management system to ISO9001:2015. The external auditing body, NQA had, ‘’No difficulty in recommending Greengate for ISO: 2015’’ and awarded the company ‘best practice’ for their operation processes.

In many of the industries Greengate supplies; Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Mining and more, quality control and material tractability are absolutely paramount to a successful product and long a term partnership. Greengate Metal Components invests heavily in this to ensure we are operating at the highest possible level within our field. This company is very pleased to have completed its transition, and delighted to have been awarded ‘best practice’